chapter  31
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Reliability analysis of dynamic positioning systems

ByM.V. Clavijo, M.R. Martins, A.M. Schleder

This paper presents the quantitative reliability assessment for two typical configurations (a DP Class 2 semi-submersible platform and a DP Class 3 drillship); based on the present technological maturity and the offshore industry-reported component failure rates. In the analyzed DP2 and DP3 configurations, the control and thruster subsystems contribute to 1%, and 7% of the total DP system failures, while the power subsystem contribute to 10% and 6% of the total DP2 and DP3 system failure. Regarding the MTTF analysis, the drillship presents a Mean Time to Failure of 4.65 years, a 1.41 fold increase over semisubmersible platform. The results presented could be used for reliability-centered design and maintenance planning of DP systems.