chapter  37
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Conceptual design of multipurpose ship and fleet accounting for SME shipyard building limitations

ByT. Damyanliev, P. Georgiev, I. Atanasova, Y. Garbatov

This work deals with the design and optimization of a new multipurpose ship and fleet that will be built in a small and medium sized shipyard accounting for the constraints related to the shipbuilding limitations. The problem is solved in two stages, where in the first one, based on the cargo flows, the number of ships to be built and speed is defined. At the second stage, the completing of the fleet leads to defining the technical specification for the individual ship as a part of the fleet. A constraint associated to the maximum breadth of the ship is used as an additional limitation in defining the basic characteristics of the ship. The design solutions comply with the shipyard construction and navigation restrictions and the CAPEX and OPEX costs are used as a part of the optimization function employing the specialized software “Expert”. Based on the identified design solution several conclusions are derived.