chapter  45
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Uncertainty propagation and sensitivity analysis of a laminated composite beam

ByM. Calvario, A.P. Teixeira, C. Guedes Soares

This paper aims at performing an uncertainty propagation and sensitivity analysis of the Tsai-Will and Tsai-Wu failure criteria for simply supported laminated beam subjected to uniform load. Four elastic moduli and five ultimate stresses are modeled as random variables. The correlation between the mechanical properties is accounted and assessed by Monte Carlo Simulation based on a micro-mechanics model. Monte Carlo Simulation methods are used for uncertainty propagation analysis using the Nataf transformation to simulate the non-normal correlated input random variables. Sensitivity analyses of the composite failure criteria are conducted based on the standardized regression coefficients of the input parameters. It is found that the transverse tensile strength for a unidirectional lamina is the most important parameter.