chapter  5
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Improving capacity of port shunting yard

ByA. Rusca, F. Rusca, E. Rosca, V. Dragu, M. Rosca

The maritime ports connect transport land networks with maritime transport. When traffic volume is large it is necessary to develop a port shunting yard inside of maritime port area. These have some specific problems, like regulated and limited access, large volume in a short time for cargo flow that goes from territory to maritime ship and opposite, a rigorous timetable for the departure/arrival moments for maritime ships and for freight train, as well as limited land availability to develop new infrastructures to deserve flows between maritime and land networks. All these limitations conduce to a necessity for improving the operational capacity solutions which can be implemented in maritime ports with minimal material and human resources. In the paper is analyzed topological structure of port shunting yard and evaluated transit capacity through its various compartments. A discrete simulation model is developed with ARENA computer simulation software for wagons shunting process and various technologies for shunting process are tested to identify optimal solutions for increasing the transit capacity of the port shunting yard. The results and conclusion obtained through computer simulation allow a proper evaluation of transit capacity and help port administration to take the best solution in improving port services.