chapter  50
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Shipyards of the 21st century: Industrial internet of things on site

ByVicente Diaz-Casas, Alicia Munin Doce, Pedro Trueba Martinez, Sara Ferreno Gonzalez, M. Vilar

The range of possibilities offered by the IoT in sectors such as shipbuilding, still unexplored, is very interesting. In a work environment where the flow of information is complicated and information is disaggregated at different points, the aggregation of information and connectivity between systems, jobs, suppliers, etc., will allow improving the efficiency inside a shipyard. In this paper, the challenges of the IIOT in the shipyard that have been addressed in the work carried out by the Research Unit of the University of A Coruna—Navantia are presented. Thus, a process to study the applicability of IoT platforms to ship manufacturing has been started: to test different IoT platforms and find the one that best suits a particular use case. The case chosen is the Preoufitting Workshop.