chapter  51
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Internal Corrosion Simulation of Long Distance Sandwich Pipe

ByCheng Hong, Yuxi Wang, Jiankun Yang, Segen F. Estefen, Marcelo Igor Lourengo

In many deep water oil field developments, oil and gas products are transported from the wellhead to the topside in multiphase flow without separation. As a result, the presence of carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and free water of the production fluid can cause internal corrosion in the subsea pipeline. In this paper, the internal corrosion process is numerically simulated for a long distance sandwich pipe which transports oil with high CO2 content. Parametric study is conducted to find out the effect of different factors on the corrosion rate, including fluid pressure, temperature, flow rate, water cut and flowline profile. Based on the results, qualitative recommendations are proposed for reducing the corrosion damage.