chapter  53
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Life cycle and cost performance analysis on ship structural maintenance strategy of a short route hybrid

ByH. Wang, E. Oguz, B. Jeong, P. Zhou

This paper presents the importance of coating maintenance and suggests an optimal strategy from economic and environmental points of view. Life cycle analysis is introduced to estimate the economy and environment impacts so particular decision can be made. A case study of a hybrid ferry is carried out where cash, energy and emission flows are tracked and evaluated. With different maintenance intervals, the consumptions of energy, materials and fuels are evaluated to estimate their cost benefits. Emissions normalization is also applied to determine environmental potentials to determine the relation of environmental impacts which are converted and compared in monetary terms. Annual-based hull inspection and re-coating is proved to reduce hull resistance and fuel consumptions which is a way to achieve cost-saving operations. The assessment has been proven to be able to make reliable decision, so it is suggested to facilitate life cycle assessment in the marine industry.