chapter  56
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Risk analysis of ships & offshore wind turbines collision: Risk evaluation and case study

ByQing Yu, Xuri Xin, Kezhong Liu, Jinfen Zhang

Wind energy is a renewable and green resource with the most profitable energy for electric generation. As a result, many Offshore Wind Farms (OWF) have been built in offshore sea areas. The impacts of collision risk between nearby ships and Offshore Wind Turbines (OWT) should be considered carefully. To address this issue, a risk analysis model is proposed based on Bayesian Belief Network (BBN). An initial qualitative analysis is conducted to identify the dimensions of the risk factors for the ship & OWT collision. Meanwhile, a case study is performed to investigate the collision risk of one OWF in China based on the multi-resource knowledge. The study concluded that the most influential factors for ship & OWT collision could be summarized, such as the interval distance between traffic flow and OWT, warming mark/buoyancy, and the human factor. The study provides with valuable evidence for OWF site selection and OWF safety management.