chapter  6
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Analysis of a new container terminal using a simulation approach

ByN.A.S. Mathias, T.A. Santos, C. Guedes Soares

The aim of this paper is to carry out the pre-dimensioning of a new container terminal with an empiric method and, subsequently, develop a simulation model of the same terminal using a discrete event simulation software and perform the simulation of its operations. The comprehensive model includes the appropriate accesses by road and rail as well as a container freight station. The model is used to study the flows of cargo and equipment along the container terminal, identifying bottlenecks in specific areas and is applied to the study of a new container terminal in the Port of Leixoes. This terminal has a design capacity for 600.000 TEU and the land area available is scarce, so the aim of the study is to validate the method used for the pre-dimensioning, as well as determining by simulation any possible bottlenecks in layout and equipment. The application of simulation has indicated that this terminal, with some conditions, may be able to move the required number of TEUs while keeping within reasonable levels of utilization.