chapter  61
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Subsea Water Separation: A Promising Strategy for Offshore Field Development

ByY.X. Wang, C. Hong, J.K. Yang, S.F. Estefen, M.I. Lourenço

Subsea water separation dates back to Troll C pilot in the North Sea, in 2001, introduced to improve oil recovery for the brownfield. This paper presents a new conceptual design for a green field development considering subsea water separation. The deepwater target field locates 300 km from the coast in a water depth of more than 2000 m with limited field data provided. At this conceptual selection stage, several scenarios have been proposed for its economic development under low oil price. The concept presented in this paper combines FPSO application with subsea water removal and subsea boosting. Flow assurance issues, including hydraulics and thermal analysis, are discussed.