chapter  65
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Hydrodynamic study of the influence of bow and stern appendages in the performance of the vessel OPV 93

ByB. Verma, D. Fuentes, L. Leal, F. Zarate

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has become nowadays an important tool in the process of hydrodynamic design of modern ships. CFD is used to model any phenomena related to fluid flow in a control volume like a ship or any offshore structure in the sea. In the present study, the impact of bow and stern appendages on hydrodynamic performance for an Offshore Supply Vessel (OPV) is investigated through application of CFD. The study shows the process of modeling, validation and qualitative analysis of the OPV 93 design, by de-signing three types of bulbous bow and their integration with the hull and also describes the sizing and analysis of three different aft appendages (Interceptor, Flap and Wedge), taking into account the operational profile of the ship with the aim to reduce the ship drag, improve trim control and heave movement for high speed ships and to improve the propulsion efficiency.