chapter  68
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The transit state evaluation of a large floating dock by seakeeping criteria

ByE. Burlacu, L. Domnisoru

In this study the transit condition including river—costal navigation of a large floating dock, with 209.2 m length, is evaluated by short-term seakeeping criteria. The irregular waves are modelled by the one parameter ITTC power density spectra, with design limit significant wave height of 2 m for river and 4.942 m for costal conditions. The transit reference speed is 12 km/h, being analyzed also the 0 and 6 km/h speed cases. The transit of the floating dock is assessed for several ballasting cases, with draught 5.2, 6.2, 7.2 m and dock system vertical gravity centre position between 6 and 16 m. For the numerical analysis we have used an in-house seakeeping program, based on a linear strip theory The seakeeping criteria are formulated in terms of motion and acceleration amplitudes statistical limit values. The numerical results of this study deliver the evaluation of the transit state of the floating dock by seakeeping safety criteria.