chapter  7
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Operational and cost based analysis of ship to ship—transshipment in Brazil: An application to the iron ore in the port of Santos

ByP.C.M. Oliveira, R.C. Botter

The Shipbuilding Industry has invested in larger vessels for economies of scale. These new ships require a revision of the port infrastructure and still require a greater depth in the ports. Furthermore, the investments result in high costs. A solution that is being used around the world is the transshipment. Brazil needs to be prepared for this challenge and the port of Santos, the main port of the country, has limitations for receiving larger ships. This work assessed operationally and from the point of view of logistics costs, the transshipment in Brazilian ports. To do so, it carried out an application study to the iron ore in the port of Santos, using simulation and the comparison of total logistical costs of the alternatives. The results obtained demonstrated the capacity of the transshipment to attend the demand and reduce cost in relation to the conventional operation.