chapter  72
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Wave interaction with a rectangular long floating structure over flat bottom

ByY. Guo, S.C. Mohapatra, C. Guedes Soares

Oblique wave diffraction by a long rectangular rigid floating structure over flat bottom is analysed based on linearized water wave theory. The analytical expressions for the velocity potentials are obtained using the separable variable method along with relevant boundary conditions. The solutions are determined by applying the eigenfunction expansion method with the matching technique. The accuracy of the numerical computation is demonstrated by analysing the convergence of the horizontal wave force. The correctness of the present method is validated by comparing with one available in the literature and the results are in very well-agreed. Several numerical results on horizontal and vertical wave forces acting on the floating structure and reflection and transmission coefficients are analysed in different cases. It is observed that with increase in oblique angle, both the horizontal and vertical forces decreases and the effect of draft and width on the forces are significant and the reflection and transmission coefficients satisfy the energy relation.