chapter  76
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Numerical Analysis of Waves Attenuation by Vegetation in Enclosed Waters

ByG.O. Mattosinho, G.F. Maciel, A.S. Vieira, C.J.E.M. Fortes

Numerical simulations using the SWAN-VEG model (Simulating WAves Nearshore, with vegetation module) were performed considering the case of Ilha Solteira (SP) reservoir, a navigable stretch of the Tiete—Parana waterway. The objective was to analyse the attenuation of wind-generated wave energy by the presence of vegetation in the left margin of reservoir (place of higher simulated wave heights). In this analysis, we varied the vegetation parameter, V f , different submergence ratios and the wind intensity for NE wind direction. The results pointed up a neglegible influence of mesh size but high wave attenuation coefficients due the presence of vegetation. Application of non-structural measures to the attenuation of waves in these areas is plausible and should be encouraged because in addition to producing high attenuation coefficients, this is in general a cheaper and environmentally friendly solution.