chapter  78
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Analysis of Extreme Storms in the Black Sea

ByL. Rusu, M. Bernardino, C. Guedes Soares

The main objective of this work is to evaluate the extreme storms in the Black Sea using a Lagrangean approach. Results of hindcast simulations with a 3-hour temporal resolution are provided by the SWAN model implemented on the entire sea basin. The methodology is applied to 30 years of wave simulations (from 1987 to 2016) to identify the extreme storms, considering significant wave heights over a threshold of 5 m. From the 151 storms that were identified considering this threshold two, which were considered more relevant, are chosen for a further analysis. The statistical characteristics of these storms as maximum significant wave height, maximum area affected by the storm, storm life time, maximum area in the track, length of the track, are investigated as well as its evolution of along the track. An analysis of the areas more affected by the extreme events is also made.