chapter  9
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Motorways of the sea

ByJ.-M. Laurens, P.-M. Guilcher

The goal of the study is to trace the recent history of actions of the different governments to encourage Motorways of the Sea. The European Union has launched several funding programs to support MoS. An overview of the situation is given focusing on the examples of the Saint-NazairelGijon and Saint-Nazaire/Vigo links. A solution is then proposed using six newly designed Ro-Ro vessels capable of transporting 110 semi-trailers each. The proposed logistics system implies that the tractor units will not be transported on board. Specialized Ro-Ro tractors will handle the installation of the semi-trailers on board whilst the tractor units are either coupled to newly arrived semi-trailers or returned to their base to fetch other semi-trailers. The six vessels are necessary to ensure three departures per day from each port. A complete ship design loop has been performed to prove the feasibility of the project. The vessels satisfy the rules and regulations of the IMO. The proposed twin screw motorization would run on LNG and allow the vessels to travel at 19 knots in sea states up to 5 in order to meet winter conditions in the Bay of Biscay.