chapter  Chapter 9
Extraction Techniques of Color Pigments From Fruits and Vegetables
WithDebabandya Mohapatra, Adinath Kate
Pages 26

Colors are one of the most important attributes of sensory science. Natural colors have most significant roles in foods and therapeutic concentrates. There are lots of safety standards and regulations for the use of synthetic colors and pigments regarding its ill effects. Therefore, there is always crucial demand of the natural colors from the consumers. There are varieties of the pigments present in the nature having differential properties regarding its solubility and chemical reactions. The existing traditional extraction methods are inefficient for extraction of these pigments from their parent source. There are some novel extraction methods (like aqueous extraction, vegetable oil extraction, solvent extraction, microwave-assisted extraction, pulse electric field extraction, ultrasound-assisted extraction, supercritical fluid extraction, etc.) proven to be superior for efficient extraction of naturally bound colored pigments. This chapter deals with the various color pigments available in natural habitat and potential methods for their extraction in usable form.