chapter  3
‘Proud to be South D’
Perceptions of a street festival in a marginalised community in New Zealand
WithTrudie Walters
Pages 19

This chapter demonstrates the value of events held in, by and for marginalised communities, through an investigation of an event in a marginalised suburb of Dunedin, in the South Island of New Zealand. Findings show that the South Dunedin Street Festival gives the community a focus, showcases leisure and support services available to them, puts groups in touch with each other and promotes a sense of place identity, pride and belonging. The event allows the community to celebrate its uniqueness and focus attention on itself, acts as an avenue to overcome the stigma of marginalisation and creates a sense of pride and empowerment. Attendees (especially older residents) look forward to the event and appreciate having a reason to leave the house; thus it contributes to their well-being. The event creates space and time to enjoy the company of others and the diversity of the community. The chapter concludes that for events in/by/for marginalised communities to be successful, they must be inwardly focussed, authentic and relatable, and meet the needs of the community. It is important not to alienate them nor draw attention to their marginalised status by seeking to attract or cater to the ‘other’ (tourists or outsiders from different socio-economic groups).