chapter  7
Transformative effects of hip-hop events in Khayelitsha, South Africa
WithSudiipta Shamalii Dowsett
Pages 17

Hip-hop culture must be understood as reliant on regular live performance events. It began as a youth-initiated direct intervention into local issues - a form of organic community development. As hip-hop spread globally youth all over the world began organising their own events such as park jams, battles and open microphone sessions. This live performance context - the backbone of underground hip-hop scenes the world over - is rarely analysed in the literature. This chapter provides ethnographic description and analysis of hip-hop events in the township of Khayelitsha in order to explore the effects of events themselves on the lives of local youth. Hip-hop in Khayelitsha is embedded in the everyday. It is these live practices in everyday spaces that transform the locality of the township, belonging and identity. The repetition of hip-hop events creates a set of embodied habits that have identity-effects that are organically passed on to the next generation.