chapter  9
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Retrieving and updating Pentecostal core beliefs
WithSimon Chan

Using Alasdair MacIntyre’s definition of tradition, the essay argues that if Pentecostal churches are to retain their identity as Pentecostal, they need to take seriously the development of their distinctive core beliefs as they face external and internal challenges. But Pentecostals have not been very successful in this regard because in the past they had not paid much attention to ecclesiology, while recent theological reflections have surfaced contested issues over church order and authority. Development of doctrine involves both retrieval and updating. These two processes require Pentecostal theologians to take seriously the sensus fidelium by articulating their lived theology faithfully. There are hopeful signs of genuine doctrinal development as Pentecostal scholars involved in ressourcement are discovering their spiritual affinities with older traditions which validate their core beliefs.