chapter  10
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Disruption, accommodation, and pneumatological resignification
WithNéstor Medina

The cultural dimension plays a central role in shaping and impacting how people understand, live, and express faith in God. This dimension proves essential in understanding and developing a theological understanding and articulation of the Pentecostal experience as found in its multiple ethnocultural and racialized contexts across the globe. Thinking theologically about the cultural dimension will require to engage the long-standing debates on the connection between the gospel, Christ, Christianity, and culture, as well as to re-examine the colonial legacy of Christianity including among Pentecostals. It will also entail an appreciation of how Pentecostal communities interact with their sociocultural contexts as they live their faith. Such engagement with the cultural domain reveals a dynamic and complex process of interaction ranging between disruption of the cultural context, accommodation of cultural practices, and resignification of cultural and religious elements in order to articulate theologically the Pentecostal experience.