chapter  12
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Biblical hermeneutics

Reading Scripture with the Spirit in community
WithJacqueline Grey

This chapter explores the historical development and key components of biblical hermeneutics highlighted within Pentecostal scholarship. The reading practices of early Pentecostals reflect the various holiness and premillennial groups from which they emerged. Their hermeneutic emphasized the continued experience of the Spirit and demonstrated a high view of Scripture but led to an uneasy alignment and theological reliance on Protestant Evangelicalism, particularly in the North American context. However, for approximately the last thirty years, various Pentecostal scholars have been advocating for the development of a unique and viable Pentecostal hermeneutic that reflects the values and theology of the community. Four essential elements of a Pentecostal hermeneutic are examined: Scripture, Spirit, experience, and community. With increasing interest in the diversity of the global Pentecostal community, new directions are emerging.