chapter  15
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Practical theology

Attending to pneumatologically‑driven praxis
WithMark J. Cartledge

This chapter provides an overview of practical theology as approached by Pentecostal scholars. It argues that the distinctive characteristic of Pentecostal practical theology is its attentiveness to pneumatology and how it drives ecclesial praxis around the world. It uses this attentiveness to address the usual subject matter of practical theology, namely: church leadership and pastoral ministry, liberation theology, missiology and intercultural studies, as well as the use of empirical research methods in the study of Pentecostal and Charismatic spirituality. It discusses key points, such as the use of Scripture in preaching, the interaction with scholarly guilds and their different cultures, the engagement with important contemporary social issues, and the attention given to ecclesiology. The study sees future challenges as revolving around the need to address a theology of public life and the importance of engaging the internet theologically.