chapter  17
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Trinitarian theology

The Spirit and the fellowship of the triune God
WithSteven M. Studebaker

A point of controversy and division in the early Pentecostal movements, only recently has the doctrine of the Trinity become the subject of constructive Pentecostal theology. This chapter contributes to and advances this project in contemporary Pentecostal systematic theology by arguing that Pentecostal trinitarian theology develops from a pneumatological reading of Scripture. It outlines current Pentecostal engagement with the Trinity and then turns to develop a Pentecostal trinitarian theology based on biblical pneumatology to show that the Spirit of Pentecost plays a summative role in the history of redemption, which indicates that the Spirit fulfills the fellowship of the trinitarian God—the Spirit constitutes and fulfills the fellowship of the Trinity. It concludes with bringing this Pentecostal trinitarian theology into conversation with wider trinitarian traditions.