chapter  19
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Eschatological intensification of the personal presence of God
WithAndrew K. Gabriel

Pentecostals affirm the historic Christian doctrine of the Spirit as a divine person in their own unique way. They regard and experience the Holy Spirit, poured out at Pentecost, as the divine person who is experienced as the eschatological intensification of the presence of God. Several affirmations regarding the Holy Spirit form the foundation for developing a comprehensive Pentecostal pneumatology. Pentecostals regard the Spirit as a divine person in as much as they emphasize that people can have a personal relationship with the Spirit, that the Spirit speaks, that the Spirit is passionate, and that in the Spirit we encounter the divine power and love in a particular way. Furthermore, Pentecostals regard the Spirit’s presence as the very presence of God—an intensifying presence that brings both eschatological fulfillment and anticipation.