chapter  21
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Participating in the story where earth and heaven meet
WithGrace Milton

Pentecostal theology is thoroughly soteriological, and salvation plays a central part in almost all aspects of Pentecostal beliefs and practices. This chapter traces a Pentecostal theology of salvation through the lens of the biblical narrative from Genesis to Revelation. The reader is guided from the Fall to an anticipated “full salvation” at the eschaton, while considering the individual and communal implications for believers throughout. Pentecostal soteriology seeks to encompass the Pentecostal experience of salvation as encompassing wholeness and restoration in all areas of life: spiritually, physically, materially, emotionally, and relationally. It is argued that this balance between this-worldly and other-worldly salvation is a defining feature of Pentecostal soteriology. This threshold position, and the holistic approach to salvation that emerges, means that the Pentecostal movement has a significant contribution to make to ecumenical debates and developing doctrines of soteriology.