chapter  24
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Divine healing

Sacramental signs of salvation
WithKimberly Ervin Alexander

Divine healing occupies an important place in the theology and history of Pentecostalism. This chapter explores both the distinctiveness of Pentecostal healing theology and the ecumenical connections to historic Christian sacramental practices by arguing that Pentecostal theology can see divine healing essentially in the terms of sacramental signs of redemption. However, the history of Pentecostal views of healing shows differences and extremes that have led to other perspectives. The chapter begins with a look at the origins of Pentecostal healing theology, identifies early Pentecostal healing practices, and demonstrates how divine healing, embedded in the movement’s theology and spirituality, have developed in the contexts of the Pentecostal emphasis on evangelization, mission, the use of medicine, and the globalization of Pentecostalism.