chapter  1
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Systematic Pentecostal Theology

A typology
WithChristopher A. Stephenson

This chapter presents a typology of methodologies in systematic Pentecostal theology by identifying six broad types of the way Pentecostals pursue the theological task. Each type is described, in turn, and followed with some reflections on the impact of this typology for the study of Pentecostal theology: (1) theology as Bible doctrines, (2) theology and spirituality, (3) theology in light of the kingdom of God, (4) philosophy and fundamental theology, (5) theology as full gospel, and (6) theology for a pluralistic world. The typology carries important implications for the Handbook of Pentecostal Theology by urging the reader to consider that Pentecostal theology is never only Pentecostal, since theologians simultaneously participate in multiple communities of discourse that shape their method and hermeneutic.