chapter  28
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Spiritual gifts

Manifestations of the kingdom of God
WithMatthias Wenk

The focus of this chapter is on a critical reading of Pentecostal theology regarding spiritual gifts following the argument that Pentecostal theology is most fundamentally oriented towards doxology, empowerment, and transformation. A theology of spiritual gifts is generally linked with manifestations of the Holy Spirit listed in several texts of the New Testament, particularly the day of Pentecost, and Spirit baptism. Despite this significance, Pentecostals have not produced a comprehensive theology of spiritual gifts, and interpretations of various manifestations and texts have led to a diverse array of teachings. Beginning with a definition of terms before highlighting the central themes associated with the experience of spiritual gifts in modern-day Pentecostalism, the chapter ventures towards a theology of spiritual gifts by addressing a number of open questions before accentuating some contributions Pentecostal theology can offer to the understanding and exercise of spiritual gifts.