chapter  29
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Rites in the Spirit for the presence of Christ
WithChris E.W. Green

This essay explores Pentecostal understandings of the sacraments, marking a noticeable “turn” or “return” to sacramental thought and practice among Pentecostal scholars in the last two decades. Pentecostal sacramentality is focused on the mediation of the presence and work of the living God, and rejects any notion of clericalism, ritualism, or mechanical grace. Water baptism, Communion, anointing with oil, and, less often, foot-washing and glossolalia, are regarded as sacramental in the sense that they are practices established by God through which God continues to act. Pentecostal spirituality seeks to integrate the table and the altar, the sacramental and the charismatic, the contemplative and the active. Now, Pentecostals face the need for development of liturgies that enact this integration in ways that can be passed down from generation to generation.