chapter  30
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Spiritual warfare

The cosmic conflict between good and evil
WithOpoku Onyinah

This chapter presents the Pentecostal perspective on spiritual warfare by critically examining contemporary teachings and practices. It argues that although Pentecostals traditionally prayed to cast out demons, they did not practise this under the label of “spiritual warfare.” For Pentecostals, the defeat of the demonic realm was demonstrated in Jesus’ ministry of exorcism and climaxed in his death and resurrection. Yet the devil and his cohorts are active and work through schemes. Christians are not to be afraid of them but rather to resist them through the application of the word of God and prayer. The warfare concept is to be understood as the cosmos conflict between God and satanic powers, in which the human being is actively involved through the mind. It concludes that many issues which are considered demonic are issues which fall within the domain of the flesh.