chapter  34
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Theology of economics

Pentecost and the household of the Spirit
WithDaniela C. Augustine

The chapter offers an overview of key contributions toward the development of Pentecostal theology of economics followed by a constructive section which emphasizes the event of Pentecost as the core symbol of Pentecostal theology and spirituality and proposes that genuinely Pentecostal theology of economics should be, in a way, also a theology of Pentecost. The chapter’s constructive vision presents a theological reflection on the world’s pneumatic essence of shared life, the charismatic character of human ontology, and the event of Pentecost as marking humanity’s ontological renewal and Christification as well as inaugurating the economics of the Spirit. It concludes with a brief exploration of the eucharist’s socio-economic implications, inspired by both existing Pentecostal scholarship and the liturgical practices of some Eastern European Pentecostal communities.