chapter  3
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Pentecostal Theology as Spirituality

Explorations in theological method
WithDaniel Castelo

This chapter focusses on the suggestion that Pentecostal theology is best understood as involving spirituality in a significant way. The general claim is that the one goes hand in hand with the other—the way Pentecostals theologically reason and the way they live out their faith are connected. The chapter proceeds by showing some of the challenges and warrants for thinking of Pentecostal theology as spirituality before moving to consider a number of specific proposals that call for this active connection. Persistent in this discussion are questions related to theological method, since so much of the connection of theology and spirituality rests on assumptions and judgements within this domain. The overall goal is to show the blissful union between theology and spirituality, one that is at the heart of the Pentecostal ethos, both as challenge and as opportunity.