chapter  Chapter 10
28 Pages

Compression of Wearable Body Sensor Network Data

WithRobinson Raju, Melody Moh, Teng-Sheng Moh

This chapter examines the performance of classical data compression algorithms and Two Thresholds Two Divisors (TTTD) data chunking algorithm on Body Sensor Network (BSN) data. It provides a background on BSN, the general architecture, and types of sensors, followed by data processing steps common in most BSNs. The chapter reviews existing research on compression of BSN data. It presents a short overview of lossless compression algorithms like Huffman, Lempel Zev Welch, and RLE and data chunking technique called TTTD. The chapter also reviews the results of experimental evaluation of the aforementioned algorithms on BSN data. It shows that TTTD can be used to compress BSN data with different sets of parameters and has performance that is comparable to or superior than other algorithms. After the experimental evaluations, the chapter proposes an approach to combine TTTD and Huffman algorithms to compress data more efficiently.