chapter  Chapter 15
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When Big Data and Data Science Prefigured Ambient Intelligence

WithChristophe Thovex

This chapter presents an insight into founding theories for Data Science and theoretical models for Big Data, based on the historical development of sciences and computer science towards Artificial Intelligence (AI). It provides a state-of-the-art, driven by the chronological evolution of data analysis in sciences and society, as a prospective tool for the exploration of perspectives in Data Science, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and their business applications. The chapter focuses on multidisciplinary trends, definitely essential in AI and in tracks for the future of data science. Big data and data science enable to detect medical recommendations before the actual guidelines could reflect them. Studies of founding theories for Data Science and of theoretical models for Big Data ignoring these primitive foundations might easily mislead, steering attention away from the main observable results and perspectives. Computer science and data science stem on primitive operations inherited from human cognitive processes: reading, writing, counting.