chapter  Chapter 3
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Toward Complex Search for Encrypted Mobile Cloud Data via Index Blind Storage

WithYupeng Hu, Linjun Wu, Wenjia Li, Keqin Li, Yonghe Liu, Zheng Qin

In this chapter, the authors propose a searchable encryption scheme that relies on an attribute vector-based index blind storage (IBS) technique so as to support multi-key and range search for multi-owner multi-user application. All data and index files will be encrypted through the traditional symmetric encryption method before uploading. In particular, the index files are shredded into pieces and stored with the IBS mechanism. As a general rule, outsourced data are encrypted with various cryptographic algorithms, then secure indexes are generated by executing some searchable encryption schemes. When the encrypted data arrive at the client side, unauthorized users can only recover the shared part, while the private part can only be seen by the authorized one. Encrypting the data before uploading it to the Cloud Service Provider appears as a natural solution to overcome an information leakage since it can safeguard users’ data privacy.