chapter  Chapter 5
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The Role of NonSQL Databases in Big Data

WithAntonio Sarasa Cabezuelo

This chapter aims to show the role that NonSQL databases play in the Big Data. It also shows the processing and persistence needs of information in the Big Data. The chapter describes the limitations of relational databases to be used in Big Data solutions. It also describes the main characteristics of the NonSQL databases, and how they solve the storage and information processing needs that arise in the Big Data. The Big Data Operational refers to the set of tools that have been developed to solve some of the technological problems that have arisen and have been commented. In the field of Big Data, the information that needs to be stored can be very diverse, from structured, semi-structured data, to even data without structure. Therefore, the Big Data phenomenon appears due to the business opportunities that arise from having huge amounts of data to be processed and exploited.