chapter  33
‘My death waits there among the flowers’
Popular music shrines in London as memory and remembrance
WithPaul Graves-Brown
Pages 12

This chapter discusses David Bowie tribute sites in London, and seeks to contextualise them in relation to other sites of celebrity pilgrimage. In London, the ‘oldest’ place of Bowie pilgrimage is Heddon Street, adjacent to Regent Street. In the case of Bowie, the Croydon Road Recreation Ground is the only tribute site associated with his song lyrics as well as being a biographical site. The fact that the tribute sites and memorials to Marc Bolan and Freddie Mercury demonstrate a longevity of activity, over 40 years in the case of Bolan, suggests that the Bowie sites may continue to be visited by fans for many years to come. In the case of Bowie, building owners, highways and transport, and local authorities have control over how long tributes are left in situ, and in turn attract further tribute activity.