Czech Republic: Ergonomics Society of the Czech Republic
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Generally, ergonomics education in the Czech Republic is not sufficient, mostly it is taught in some universities, usually for only one term. It is taught in the Czech Technical University in Prague (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Machinery Enterprise Management), the Mendel University in Brno (Forestry Faculty), the Palacky University Olomouc (Faculty of Paedagogics), and the University of Applied Arts in Zlin (Department of Design) among others. During the past three to four years, education in ergonomics for physiotherapists and ergotherapists has increased, particularly at Charles University in Prague — Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Sport and Physical Education. Education in ergonomics for physiotherapists is specific in its focus on myoskeletal ergonomics. Additionally, ergonomics courses and seminars are also offered by some institutions such as the Occupational Safety Research Institute (especially for occupational safety inspectors), the Academy of Work and Health, the Postgraduate Medical Institute, Instruct (a non-state organization for the education of physiotherapists), and Auto-Skoda.