chapter  3
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Hydrocarbon exploration in Manipur

Resource conflict and community response
WithShreya Saha

In the recent past, a lot of focus has been put on the Northeastern states of India with a lot of development projects initiated, all contributing to a fresh layer of resultant turmoil in the region. However, one needs to unravel the layers of discontent and dissatisfaction amongst the locals which are causing them to protest against the State. The chapter analyzes how the oil exploration move in the State of Manipur has been a source of political conflict within and between communities and also between the communities and the State. The apparent selling of the hydrocarbon resource base identified in the remote areas of Manipur without any proper information being shared with the affected people has triggered protests. Over the last decade, different companies have made several attempts to initiate survey drillings. However, the local communities have been resisting. This chapter, based on fieldwork, portrays the issues of distress for the local communities if the exploration starts, as well as their concerns for the future.