chapter  Fifteen
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Dynamics of the Bay of Bengal and the Sino-India “Cooperation Dilemma”

WithZhu Cuiping

The Bay of Bengal will perhaps become a new political, economic and security focus in the Indian Ocean region, and will have a significant impact on global politics, economy and security. On the basis of continuously increasing their national power, China and India have built and are building a series of ports and transport routes along the south boundary of Eurasia, including the Bay of Bengal. The Bay of Bengal, never outstanding in strategic structure of powers, began to see strategic competition between great powers, especially the United States, China, India, Japan and other countries, which have triggered some turbulence in this region. The Sino-India security dilemma is extending to the ocean, and the rising China is considered a growing threat and challenge to India. China’s establishment of mutual beneficial cooperation relationship with Indian Ocean coastal countries is considered the implementation of the so-called “String of Pearls” strategy to restrain the rise of India.