chapter  Eight
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Myanmar as a Golden Gateway between the Bay of Bengal and the Heartland of Asia

WithKo Ko Hlaing

In the family of the Bay of Bengal, Myanmar possesses a significant coastal line that has a length of more than 1200 miles starting from the Northern edge of the Bay of Bengal to the Eastern shore of the Gulf of Martaban and Andaman Sea making the country the largest littoral nation in the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation. Demographic outlook too has elaborated the significant role of Myanmar in the regional affairs. Myanmar and its Western neighbour, India, too had a formidable success for cooperation in land connectivity by building India-Myanmar Friendship Road that was officially inaugurated in 2001. Importantly, Myanmar provides landlocked northeast India with an outlet to the sea, a route that is shorter than the one via the Siliguri Corridor to Kolkata port. Myanmar, as a back door to China through Bay of Bengal, might be sandwiched again in global powers competition.