chapter  Chapter IX
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Settlement of Resumed and Other Lands 1828–1836

WithFrederick Eden Pargiter

Mr. Dampier took in hand the settlement of the patitabadi lands as soon as he was appointed in 1828. Resumption proceedings were begun by Mr. Dampier for mahalls newly discovered and for extended clearances where the original mahalls had already been brought under resumption. The mahalls were thus definitely settled and, the State having established its right to all the waste lands beyond them, were no longer capable of expansion. The haoladars were the true reclaimers, for they cleared the jungle at their own expense and divided the lands when cleared among a lower class nim- haoladars. These latter were at first genuine cultivators, but the improvement of the country and the rise in the value of the land enabled them in their turn to sublet their lands, for each class of undertenants in an estate had its own general rate, which was firmly established and free from fear of enhancement.