chapter  Chapter XI
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Settlements 1836–1844

WithFrederick Eden Pargiter

Gumantali, Jabakhali and Betangi which had been resumed together in 1834 with an estimated area of 10,000 bighas were brought under settlement in 1835, but on remeasurement were found to contain only 1,839 bighas. The southern resumed mahalls being for the most part jungle, and ordinary settlements being impracticable, Mr. Kemp took measures in 1840 for leasing them out otherwise. Mallikber was farmed out in 1841 on the recusancy of the owners but they repented, and under the Presidency Commissioner’s order the farm was quashed and a revised settlement made with them in 1845 at an ultimate rate of 14 annas. The Commission was abolished that year and the duties assigned to the Collector of Bakarganj, but when the office was revived in 1846, the settlements re-engaged the Sundarban Commissioner’s attention. Mr. Dampier had adopted in his Bakarganj settlements the rates he found current, and computed the Government revenue at the talukdari rate of Rs. 1–12 per kani.