chapter  Chapter XIII
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Abolition and Re-Establishment of the Sundarban Commission 1844–1846

WithFrederick Eden Pargiter

Mr. Harvey, who formed decided opinions on Sundarban matters, recommended the abolition of the Commission on the ground that the distribution of the jurisdiction among the Collectors would secure a saving in expenditure, greater convenience to the people, and a more efficient check over the tahsildars. Uma Kanta Babu replied with reference to 24-Parganas and Jessore Sundarbans, no information being available regarding Bakarganj as all the papers had gone. The orders were received by Uma Kanta Babu about 20th January 1846, from which time it may be taken that they came into force. The jurisdiction was restored to what it had been before, except that Buzurgummedpur was specially excluded and remained under the Collector of Bakarganj. Alipur was fixed as the headquarters, a suggestion that the office should be located at some more central spot such as Jessore or Khulna, being negatived.