chapter  Chapter XVI
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Forest Grants 1844–1853

WithFrederick Eden Pargiter

Inspections continued to be made in the grants, and where the clearing condition was not fulfilled, the Sundarban Commissioner reported, recommending either resumption of the grant or an extension of the revenue-free period to enable the grantees to bring their clearances up to the requirement, in accordance with the promise held out by Government in 1844. The Joint-Magistrate of Baraset, in whose district many of the lots fell, seems to have been slow to support the grantees’ claims, though the Sundarban Commissioner invoked his help; while the police were ready in the zamindars’ interests. Grants had at first been bestowed according to priority of application, but a new principle of selection was introduced in 1846. Grants had been made of Chakamoya, Amtali, Arpangasiya, and Pachakuraliya—four chaks in Bakarganj—in 1844, and the boundaries were specified though the areas were nominal. In the case of Tatibuniya neither of the grantees executed their leases or reclaimed the land; their grants were therefore resumed.