chapter  Chapter XXIII
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Revenue and Other Surveys, Boundary Decisions, and Resumptions 1852–1870

WithFrederick Eden Pargiter

The need for a survey had been often urged and acknowledged. Partial surveys had been made from time to time in the eastern part by Messrs. Mr. Smith during 1854–1855 surveyed Khaprabhanga, Dabrogo-Phulbuniya, Sonatala, Karaibariya, and Bara and Chota Bogi. Mr. Gomess was ordered to survey the forest between the Pasar and Baleswar during 1855–1856, dividing it up into allotments, separately marking in his map such lands as had been already settled, and noting the taufir. During 1856–1857 Mr. Gomess continued the survey, and examining lots 3–7 Khaoliya Barisal altered their boundaries so as to give each lot a frontage on the river Baleswar. The revenue survey of Jessore approached the Sundarbans in 1857, and preparations were made for its covering the south portion of that district during the following season. Out of the revenue survey arose various resumption proceedings and boundary disputes.