chapter  Chapter V
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Definition of the Boundary of the Sundarban Forest 1828–1833

WithFrederick Eden Pargiter

Mr. William Dampier, who had held charge of the Sundarban office for some five months in 1827, was again appointed to it in February 1828, when the revised scheme was promulgated. During the early months of 1829, Mr. Dampier defined and Lieutenant Alexander Hodges surveyed the boundary of the Sundarban forest, carrying it from the river Jabuna, at the junction of the Shura khal opposite Pranpur, as far as the river Baleswar, at its confluence with river Jeodhara. The line of the forest in Morrieson’s map was taken to be the Sundarban boundary, and Hodges copied it into his own secondary maps on smaller scales. By themselves they convey no vivid impression; they must be taken with Hodges’ maps which were drawn pari passu, and exhibit his route and the limits of the forest; and the boundary then becomes clear and definite.