chapter  Chapter VI
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Jurisdiction and Summary of Operations 1828–1836

WithFrederick Eden Pargiter

Various minor changes had been going on between the revenue jurisdiction of the Collector of 24-Parganas and the Sundarban Commissioner, for estates were retransferred to the former when their settlements were completed and confirmed, but revisions of settlements introduced considerable fluctuation. The whole of the revenue jurisdiction was permanently transferred to the Collectors on 1st February 1830, except in the case of estates attached or immediately under settlement, where the collections were transmitted to the Collector, though the accounts were controlled by the Sundarban Commissioner. Revenue Commissioners were appointed throughout Bengal in 1829 under Regulation I of that year. The district of Dacca Jellalpur, which bordered on a portion of the Sundarbans, lay within the 15th or Dacca Division; but, for the sake of simplicity and uniformity, the whole of the Sundarbans was taken together and controlled by the Commissioner of the 18th or Presidency Division.